My Own Story

My grief recovery journey began in 2007 when my husband Dave was diagnosed with IgA Nephropathy (end stage renal failure) at the age of 37, where he would someday need a kidney transplant, or spend the rest of his life on dialysis. This was just the beginning of our loss journey. He was placed on the national organ transplant list with an 8-year waiting period. A year after his diagnosis, I donated my kidney to Dave only for it to be rejected - another major loss. We would ultimately find out after the rejection that he would live out his life on dialysis – yet another loss for our family. During the next 12 years we suffered through over 50 hospital visits, surgeries, loss of income, and broken hearts. The losses continued into 2019 when I lost my mother, and 8 months later losing Dave due to various complications of his kidney disease.

I thought I had done well managing/hiding the pain of these losses, but I was wrong. I realized that my grief wasn’t going away, and I really needed to focus on my own personal recovery. When I discovered the Grief Recovery Method® (GRM) program, I was provided the tools to navigate the seemingly endless grief waves. I realized if I was ever going to let go of the pain, I had to learn to let go, move on from it and ultimately find my new passion in life. After Dave passed away, and then completing the GRM program, I finally found my calling, my purpose - to serve others and to help them with their grief, in honor of Dave. The tools I gained are invaluable and the action-based program was exactly what I needed.

I have been through the program, and I hope that I can take you through the journey as well to finally complete the unfinished pain that you have from your losses, whether they be from death, divorce, loss of friends, job, or the more than 40 other life events.

The Grief Recovery Method® emphasizes action-oriented steps to address not only the emotional pain associated with loss but also the impact it has on relationships and the ability to engage in life fully.

Love, Andrea

What is the Grief Recovery Method®?

The Grief Recovery Method® (GRM) is a structured and action-oriented approach designed to help individuals deal with the emotional pain and effects of grief. It was developed by John W. James and Russell Friedman, founders of The Grief Recovery Institute®. Some of the key components of The Grief Recovery Method® are:

  1. Acknowledgment of Loss:

    • Recognizing and acknowledging the various losses in one's life, not just death-related losses but also other forms of loss like divorce, job loss, or major life changes.

  2. Understanding Grief:

    • Education about the common myths and misconceptions surrounding grief to help individuals gain a more accurate understanding of the grieving process.

  3. Exploration of Unresolved Emotions:

    • Identification and exploration of any incomplete or unresolved emotional aspects related to the loss, encouraging individuals to express their true feelings.

  4. Completion and Action Steps:

    • Taking specific, action-oriented steps to complete any unfinished business, whether it involves communication, forgiveness, or other necessary actions. This may include writing a "Grief Letter" to express unspoken thoughts and feelings.

  5. Establishing New Relationships with the Deceased:

    • Shifting the focus from pain and loss to positive memories, allowing individuals to establish a new, healthy relationship with the person or thing they've lost.

  6. Support System:

    • Encouraging individuals to share their feelings and experiences with a supportive network, whether it's friends, family, or a Grief Recovery Specialist.

The Grief Recovery Method® aims to provide practical tools and a structured process for individuals to work through their grief and move towards a place of emotional healing and recovery. It emphasizes taking active steps to address the emotional impact of loss and encourages participants to reclaim their ability to lead a fulfilling life.

Get to know Y0ur Grief Solution

Hello and welcome to Your Grief Solution! My name is Andrea Davis, and I am a Grief Recovery Method Specialist™ Certified through the Grief Recovery Institute® using the Grief Recovery Method®. My educational course will help you gain a clear path to heal your heart and live a happier life. To learn more about my program click the Shop tab.

ocean waves crashing on shore during daytime
ocean waves crashing on shore during daytime

"Be a heart with ears"

My mission

It is the mission of Your Grief Solution to provide people with the tools and support they need to move beyond loss and lead a more fulfilling life. I use the Grief Recovery Method® to guide individuals through a structured process that helps them understand and navigate their emotions related to grief, enabling them to take action and complete any unfinished emotional business.

My vision

Your Grief Solution's ultimate goal is to empower individuals to deal with grief in a healthy and effective way, promoting healing and a renewed sense of purpose in their lives.

“Grief is the conflicting feelings caused by the end of or change in a familiar pattern or behavior.”

Your Specialist

My strength lies in my individuality. Your Grief Solution was created out of my own loss, I strive to bring the best information to help individuals heal from loss of any kind.

Andrea Davis

Certified Grief Recovery Specialist™, Owner